Akron officials address recent homicides, gun violence

AKRON, Ohio-- There have six homicides in the city of Akron since July 5 and the city is asking for the public's assistance located those responsible.

Over the July 5 to July 9 weekend, there were nine shootings in the city, resulting in four deaths. At the same time, police arrested eight people for weapons offenses unrelated to those shootings.

So far this year, there have been 21 murders. Akron Police Chief Ken Ball described the crimes as brazen.

"This is certainly alarming and it is causing much action inside of the police department," Ball said. He did stress positives stats overall. "All areas of major crime in the city of Akron in 2018 are down from those same numbers in 2017, with the single exception of theft offenses. That doesn't mean we are satisfied."

Ball said the city is working on the violent crime problem. The Akron Police Department has seized 481 illegal firearms in 2018.

In response to the recent wave of shootings, the department diverted more resources to the areas affected the most. Akron police are also getting assistance from other local law enforcement agencies.

The police chief also stressed the importance of parents paying attention to their children's social media posts, looking for firearms and gang symbols.