Mother shares heartbreaking photos of drug-addicted son

FRESNO, California — It wasn’t that long ago that Michael Garcia had a full time job, an apartment, and a girlfriend.

But following an unexpected breakup, his mother says he turned to drugs and is now homeless, KSEE in Fresno reported.

Michelle Garcia is Michael’s mother. She’s also a photographer and snapped several pictures of her son passed out outside a coffee house.

“He knows that this is where I come in the morning,” Michelle told KSEE.

She found him on the sidewalk outside the coffee shop a few weeks ago. She said she captured the moment to show her son what he’d become since he became addicted to meth and heroin.

“I cried as he layed there, he must of spent the night, and felt so overwhelmed with life at that moment,” she wrote in a post on Facebook.

Michelle’s pictures have been shared thousands of times.

“He’s fully aware I have taken pictures of him and is ok with me posting to bring out awareness of what the streets and addiction REALLY look likes,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

She told KSEE she has tried to get her son help several times. Now, her contact with her son is limited to the coffee shop.

“I don’t care how dirty he is. I don’t care how much he smells. I hug that kid so tight, I don’t even care,” Garcia told KSEE.

“He’s such a bright light and to watch his light dim, it’s just been gut wrenching,” she said.