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Friends rally to help catch person who killed man in Akron

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AKRON, Ohio -- Friends of Bonn Rassavong, 46, are rallying to try and help identify the person responsible for his murder and support his family.

Rassavong was shot and killed in Akron over the weekend while walking to his car.

Authorities say the shooting happened during a robbery in which he offered no resistance.

Friends at the Army Navy Union Firestone Park Garrison #250 in Akron say they were devastated by the news and are offering $1,000 as a reward to help find his killer.

They are also collecting contributions to help find who did this.

Rassavong was a native of Laos but lived most of his life in Akron.

George Toth described Rassavong as a friend from the moment they met. "I was devastated.  We were supposed to go fishing that day but I guess he had a family event the night before; I was crushed," said Toth.

Rassavong was well known in the Firestone Park and Springfield Township area where he catered Asian food and helped every moment he could with fundraisers to support local veterans.

"Any veterans meeting that we had for running charity events or anything he was always there outside -- Can I please cook out there, yes, yes; so he was always cooking, helping out with any charity event that we had here," said Bobby Palmer.

"He brought everybody together, the veterans who served in all kinds of wars and just a kind heart. Food was his passion. He would  bring in food for all of us, bring us dinners while we were working and just brought a lot of people together," said Amanda Dougherty.

A funeral is planned on Saturday.

His friends at the Army Navy Union are planning a cookout and raffle on September 9 to help his family.

Relatives have started a GoFundMe page.

Friends at the On Scene bar in Akron are also planning a spaghetti dinner and will be raising contributions as a gesture to help.

Akron police, meanwhile, are looking for the man responsible for the crime and welcome any information that can help identify his killer.

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