Barack Obama tops list on Pew survey of ‘best president in our lifetime’

According to a new survey by Pew Research Center, when asked which president has done the best job in their lifetimes, more Americans named Barack Obama than any other president.

The survey was conducted between June 5 and 12 among 2,002 adults. It was based on their first and second choices.

According to the survey, more than four in ten said Obama was the best or second best president in their lifetimes compared with about a third who mentioned Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan.

About 19 percent said Donald Trump has done the best or second best job of any president in their lifetimes.

The views were partly tied to the participants’ ages, according to the survey.

Millennials between 22 and 37 were more likely than older generations to name Obama. Older generations were more likely to name Raegan. And Gen Xers between 38 and 53 were divided: 45 percent named Reagan and 41 percent Obama.

In a 2011 survey on the same topic, 49 percent chose Clinton as their first or second choice. Then came Reagan with 34 percent, followed by Obama at 20 percent.

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