Family of child killed in Elyria fire thankful for support

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ELYRIA, OHIO - A boy robbed of a life he only began to live is remembered Tuesday by family, all while inspiring other children to give back in both Elyria and Lorain.

"His eyes just lit up the room," said Lisa Davila pausing to cry, sitting on the porch of her home. "He was so sweet and caring just a very loving and sweet boy."

All the Davila family could do Saturday afternoon was watch, as their place of refuge in Elyria on 2nd Street was reduced to a pile of debris. In the midst of losing everything they owned, the family lost someone they cannot replace.

Davila's cousin, Omeire West, 4, was found in his bedroom on the second floor of his home. The child's grandfather said he was outside cutting the grass when the fire began. His daughter and two other grandchildren were able to escape. The Elyria Fire Chief says there were no working detectors in the home.

The love and support for the Davila family seems to know no boundaries. A brother and sister in Lorain sat in the sun for a second straight day yelling, "Lemonade!"

"We have pink lemonade and we have regular lemonade," said 12-year-old Jacob Legg sitting next to his 9-year-old sister Kaylynn. "They're both good, some people have different opinions. They are both 50 cents."

Attached to the front of their little table, topped with yellow tablecloth, is an article about the Davila's. A constant reminder that every penny earned is about a cause bigger than themselves.

"We are raising money for the family that had a house fire," said Legg. "I don't know the family but we're trying to raise money for them to help them out."

The Davila family says they thank the children for their efforts and want to thank the surrounding community including the Red Cross who helped them find shelter, the Reidys Funeral home who covered expenses free of charge and others too long to list.

They encourage the community to attend a fundraiser Saturday hosted by the Lorain Young Marines at First United Methodist Church starting at 5 p.m. and ask anyone who wants to help continue donating to their GoFundMe account.

Davila says when she think of Omeire, all she sees is, "happiness and joy and love."

The GoFundMe account can be seen by clicking here. 

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