4 years of memories: Share your photos with LeBron’s banner as it comes down for good

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland is saying goodbye to the iconic LeBron James banner, which has been a downtown staple for more than four years.

With James headed to California, Nike, who owns the banner, began removing it Tuesday.

There have been many photos taken at the banner over the years: We want to see yours!

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The 2,600-pound banner posted on the Sherwin-Williams Global Headquarters Wall was originally installed in 2014 when James returned to Cleveland from the Miami Heat.

Nike designed the mural, which shows James from behind.  He extends his arms outward as a puff of white powder lingers in the air.  “Cleveland” is boldly displayed on the back of his jersey.

It came down temporarily for three months during the Republican National Convention.

It eventually was updated to include a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy patch to the back collar of LeBron’s jersey.

Before the current  banner came to be was the ‘We Are All Witnesses’ LeBron banner. That banner was unceremoniously torn down from the side of the building in 2010 after LeBron decided to leave Cleveland and play for the Miami Heat.

No plans have been announced for what will go up next on the wall.

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