LeBron James posts video from vacation

CLEVELAND-- While Cavs fans (and most of the NBA) wait to see what LeBron James decides in free agency, the King is living his best life on vacation.

LeBron has until 11:59 p.m. ET Friday to formally decline or opt in on the last year of his contract with Cleveland. If he declines, he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Meanwhile, the James gang is enjoying their time in Anguilla. TMZ reported LeBron is staying at an eight-bedroom mansion that costs $75,000 a week.

On Thursday, the 14-time NBA All-Star posted video on Instagram of his oldest son going cliff diving. But LeBron couldn't be outdone by 13-year-old Bronny.

The Instagram video shows the forward up on the ledge, but we don't see him make the jump in the video posted to his Instagram story.

"Ah! Let's go!" LeBron said as he gets himself hyped up for the big leap.

Later Thursday night, he posted the video on Instagram of the big jump, and wrote: "Everyone asking me if I really jumped earlier from my story early on today, well here you go! Haters will say it’s fake(videoshopped)"


LeBron has also been hitting the gym during the off-season, even getting some work in with his wife, Savannah.

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