Video shows suspect trying to break into cars in Kent

KENT, Ohio-- Police in Kent are cautioning residents to keep their cars and their belongings secure after an increasing number of break-ins they call crimes of opportunity.

Police showed FOX 8 surveillance video of a suspect attempting to get into multiple cars in the parking lot of an apartment building virtually next door to the police department.

"We have only got a handful of reports so far from victims that said, yes they had items stolen from their vehicles, but we know for a fact he went into more vehicles, which is concerning as well," said Lt. Mike Lewis.

Residents of the 345 Flats Apartments were notified by building management in an e-mail warning them to be more aware and to make sure their vehicles are secure.

Karina Pederson, a Kent State Student who lives in the apartment building, said she was walking to class with a friend when they found an empty wallet abandoned in one of the parking spaces.

"There was an ID, but everything else was gone. We don't know if that was him, but it's likely if the car was open," Pederson said.

Police said the break-ins have also been happening at homes in the community as well.

"We believe they happen after midnight, before 6 a.m. in the morning, before the sun comes up and especially in apartment complexes are a target-rich environment. You can hit a large number of vehicles in a short period of time," Lewis said.

They released a photo on Wednesday of  man from an unrelated breaking at a local home. The suspect is believed to have broken into a car that was parked in the owner's driveway.

Inside the car, the thief found keys to a motorcycle, which was also stolen, along with some credit cards that were used at a local Circle K store.

Lewis is urging anyone who believes they have something missing from their cars to file a report and is asking for help identifying the two suspects.

"We live in a good city, but this is a crime of opportunity," Lewis said.