I-Team: Woman speaks out after horrific attack at local ice cream shop

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**NOTE: We want to warn you, some of the video is very disturbing**

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Police are turning to the FOX 8 I-Team and you for help finding a man caught on camera carrying out a vicious attack on a young woman working at a local ice cream shop. And the victim is speaking out with a message about domestic violence.

Richmond Heights police have a warrant out for the arrest of 25-year-old Derrell Allen.

They say earlier this month he attacked his ex-lover as she worked.

Security video shows her dragged from the front of the store to the back by her hair. She’s led into an office, and the man can be seen beating her and threatening her with a gun.

The victim told the I-Team, "I was scared.

"‘Cause I kept getting hit on. I wasn't trying to fight back or anything because I didn't want to get shot. It happened out of nowhere. I wasn't prepared for it. We hadn't talked or anything.”

Richmond Heights Sgt. Darren Porter said, "Guy has control issues. He's trying to control a young girl he was dating for 4 months." Porter added the suspect already has another warrant for his arrest out of Lorain County for domestic violence.

The I-Team knocked at an address for Derrell Allen. No one answered, but we saw someone closing the blinds as we approached.

Sgt. Porter added, "He told her after pointing the gun, 'I could kill you right now if I wanted to.' If he's willing to do that to her when he's armed, what else is he willing to do when he has that gun?”

Maybe you would call 911 right away after something like that. But in this case, the victim waited days before going to police. And veteran investigators have found in domestic violence cases, it’s not unusual for victims to wait weeks, or even months, to call police. Some don't call at all.

The victim in this case said, "But I was scared. I didn't know if he was gonna come back, or what he was gonna do."

As she waits for police to find Allen and haul him to justice, the victim said she learned from all of this. She wants you to remember, "Don't sit there and put up with any of that. You don't deserve any of that. Call right away, and get away from it as soon as you can."

Got a tip to help find Derrell Allen? Call Richmond Heights police at 216-383-6309.

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