Police: Five people shot after suspects fire more than 65 rounds outside Sandusky bar

SANDUSKY, Ohio --The scene of nonstop gunfire and people running for their lives outside of a Sandusky bar was caught on camera over the weekend.

Sandusky police tell Fox 8 five people were wounded after suspects fired more than 65 rapidfire rounds outside of the Milan Road Bar and Grill on Milan Road early Sunday morning.

Witnesses describe the scene as disturbing, scary, and very real.

"They just kept running and running. They were trying to save their life, you know. They were scared to death, and I also was," said Robin Duncan, a woman who lives nearby.

Duncan was a customer at another bar down the road when the shots rang out, and continued.

"I called my son. I called him and said lock all the doors."

According to neighbors, the bar has its fair share of problems.

"Maybe they should get better security, maybe police the parking lots a lot better and not let people do what they do in the parking lots," said Sandusky resident Tony Gonzales.

A daycare is right across the street from the bar and many people live in the residential area.

"We're hey, we're Sandusky, come see us. We have Cedar Point. We’ve got this; we've got that.. but this, Sandusky we are better than that; we are better than that," Gonzales said.

Sandusky police have not made any arrests in the case but they are interviewing witnesses and investigating.

Lieutenant Rich Braun spoke with Fox 8's Allison Brown and described the scene around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

"There's gunshots going off so it's very unnerving for you; there's people there who are hurt and injured. At the same time, you are trying to make sure you are safe and everyone else is safe," said Lt. Braun.

Police said a fight broke out shortly before the shooting happened, but police have not said what caused that fight.

"There were multiple people shooting at each other, so very fortunate that nobody was killed and that more people weren't shot, because a lot of people were just bystanders who were trying to get out of the way."

Bulletholes could be seen in nearby buildings, and police explained some vehicles were shot up as well.

Of the five wounded, one of the shooting victims was lifeflighted to the hospital. Conditions and identities of the victims have not been released.