Kids in Flight: giving children with disability, illness the chance to be a kid

CLEVELAND - If you looked up in downtown Cleveland on Saturday, and saw a number of small planes flying high overhead, you might have been watching more the just a flight.

You may have been watching a child's dream come true.

For the 15th consecutive year, "Kids in Flight" gave children with disabilities, or those facing serious illnesses, a chance to see what it's like to fly just for the fun of it.

"This is a chance," says Dr. Tony DiBiasio, with Kids in Flight, "for a kid just to be a kid."

The first year, this event (which was started by a cancer survivor) had two families and one plane.

This year, there were hundreds of participants and roughly 60 flights aboard several planes.
In addition, the children had a chance to mingle with superheroes and Slider, and climb aboard different planes.

Dr. DiBiasio says these children face real-world problems on the ground, but the perspective anyone gets from being up in the air can be liberating.

"Everything looks smaller below," he says, "including your problems."

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