Students graduate from Ohio’s first cannabis college

CLEVELAND-- It was a first of its kind in Northeast Ohio: Around 40 students graduated from Ohio’s first cannabis college Thursday night.

“It’s a new and exciting industry coming to Ohio and I just wanted to be right at the front door,” said Marian Tucker, graduate.

Tucker spent a year at the Cleveland School of Cannabis to earn her executive degree.

“They taught me how to remember the regulations and apply it to real-life situations,” said Tucker.

“It’s pretty unique. We are one of two state approved cannabis career schools in the nation, the other one in Colorado,” said Jacob Wagner, Dean of Student Services.

Wagner says graduates got diplomas in cannabis horticulture, business, and medical application.

“Our students are pioneers; they are at the forefront. They are going to be the most employable candidates on the job market here in Ohio,” said Wagner.

It's higher education into a budding industry.

“It prepares us for an industry that is about to take over Ohio,” said William Hudson, graduate.

And once it becomes legal this fall, graduates will be ready to work as growers, dispensary owners, and everything in between.

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