Surveillance video captures armed robbery at Tremont restaurant

CLEVELAND - People in Tremont are feeling a bit uneasy after a man was held up at gunpoint outside a popular restaurant and bar on West 11th Street.

Surveillance cameras were rolling early Monday morning as a black car boxed in a customer’s car and three suspects jumped out.

The video shows a gunman pull the driver out of his blue car and demand money.

The victim empties his pockets and the three suspects hop into the getaway car.

“There seems to be a spike in crime when it gets warmer,” said Paul Ryan, who works at the coffee shop across the street.

The victim was not hurt and police were immediately called to the bar.

Meantime, people who live, work, and play in Tremont are on the lookout and keeping an extra eye out for their friends.

“This is a neighborhood where there are ton of bars, a ton of young people that have money who are easy targets. This is a place where people get held up every so often, it happens,” said Noah Depew, who works down the street.