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I TEAM: Explicit pictures used to attack young mother online

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CLEVELAND - A young mother is speaking out to the FOX 8 I TEAM with a warning for you after a man just went to prison for posting explicit pictures of her online.

Nadia Sweilem decided to go public after becoming a victim of a man convicted for making threats and using social media websites as a weapon.

Nadia told the I TEAM, "These pictures, these videos that were posted, they never disappear. And unfortunately, I'm gonna live with it for the rest of my life." She added, “And this man was obsessive, and he didn't want to let me go."

Amer Abuasi just plead guilty to extortion, sexual battery, and abduction.

A phone recording released by Cuyahoga County Prosecutors shows Abuasi threatening Nadia Sweilem. He can be heard saying, "If you're not downtown in 20 minutes, I'll send this email out to everybody. The whole video, the text messages, the screen shots, the Facebook messages."

Nadia is the mother of two. She says she suddenly found online a sex video she says she had been forced to take part in when she’d been threatened. Along with that, she found explicit still photos that were doctored, she says, to include her.

She said, "But if you know this person, you know that he's just a devil. He's just a monster. This isn't something I wish on anybody, not my worst enemy."

Nadia adds, the effects of the pictures and videos and threats led so many people she knows to wonder what was the real story? Ultimately, she went to North Olmsted Police and Cuyahoga County Prosecutors. Abuasi has been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

But why speak out after something so vicious and difficult? Even her religion made all of this even more painful. But Nadia wanted to send a message to you. She said, "As long as I had my family by my side and my two daughters, I'm motivated now to show them there's always help."

She believes it’s best to get help after the first threat, the first post. Nadia would like to see social media do much more to block and remove pictures like hers more quickly. She knows some of those pictures may never disappear from the internet. She said, "He is doing his time in jail. But I have to live a sentence for the rest of my life.”

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