Fox Recipe Box: Veal & Shrimp Scallopini

CLEVELAND, Oh -- Johnny's Downtown has been a popular dining spot for 25 years on West 6th Street in Cleveland's warehouse neighborhood. The restaurant is known for its veal dishes and Chef Rob Ullman showed Fox 8's Stefani Schaefer how they make their famous 'Veal & Shrimp Flour Scallopini'.

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Veal & Shrimp Flour Scallopini

Needed: 3 veal pieces

4 (21/25) shrimp
1.5 tablespoons of butter
Blended olive oil
Romano cheese
6 oz. marinara sauce
6 oz. linguini


1.) Coat 3 veal pieces with flour.
2.) Heat sauté pan will blended olive oil.
3.) Add veal pieces --brown and flip, add pinch of garlic and shallots
4.) And 4 shrimp and cook till white
5.) Season with salt and pepper and 1.5 tablespoons of butter
6.) Add marinara and toss with cooked linguini
7.) Top with ground romano cheese