Deputies: Tuscarawas County woman dies after being swept away in flood

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TUSCARAWAS COUNTY, Ohio-- An elderly woman was killed in Friday night’s storms and floods when she left her home to check on her pets, deputies with the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Doris Jenkins, 82, lived in the valley along Echo Lake Road. She went outside Friday evening to check on her goat and was swept away by a flash flood, according to officials.

“There’s actually a shed up near her house that she kept the goats in. Well, that ended up being uprooted and drifted down stream as a result of the flash floods,” said Tuscarawas County Deputy Lincoln Troyer.

Troyer said a neighbor came to check on Jenkins Saturday because the flood waters made the driveway to Jenkin’s home impassable. She was found lying in the grass about 100 yards away from her home.

“I knew Doris, you know, and it’s sad to have to go this way,” said Terry Warner, the Tuscarawas County Dog Warden. “She would call into the dog pound wanting to know if we had extra food, I would bring bags of food out for her."

The area around Jenkins’ home has flooded before. Deputies said she had an excavator come out last year and help repair some damage.

“I’ve never in my years ever seen what the width of this was and the force of the destruction. It’s just unreal. I’ve never seen it in the years I’ve been here,” Warner said.

Officials said Jenkins lived by herself after her husband died a few years ago. She and her late-husband were known for their love of animals.

“They both was animal lovers. Doris really was. She would feed them before she fed herself,” Warner said.

The dog warden was able to find Jenkin’s three dogs, but the goat is still missing.

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