Boy removed from home after concerns raised about possible return to biological mom

SANDUSKY, Ohio --  A day after a woman talked to FOX 8 about her concerns that a 4-year-old boy who has been living with her since he was an infant may be returned to his biological mother, Erie County Children Services took the boy out of her home.

Shadrieka Johnson said a children’s service employee and a Sandusky police officer came to her home around 11 Saturday morning and took custody of D’Quai Hemchak.

“Children Services says they took him because he was on the news and I wasn’t supposed to let him be on the news,” Johnson told FOX 8 . “He woke up to this. He doesn’t deserve this. He didn’t even get to eat breakfast.”

Angel Young, a spokeswoman with Erie County Children Services, said the child is in their custody and is safe.

Young said because of confidentiality reasons she could not say why the boy was taken out of the home.

Sandusky police say they were asked to go and assist when the boy was removed from the house. Police said they did not know why the boy was removed.

Johnson spoke to FOX 8 Friday after being asked for an update on the case that triggered an Amber Alert in March when the boy’s biological mother, Jennifer Hemchak, snatched the boy out of a car.

Hemchak was arrested on a kidnapping charge in March after Sandusky police said she grabbed the boy and took off. The two were found near Cincinnati after an Amber Alert was issued.

Johnson and police officials say Hemchak is now asking the courts to return her son to her.

Young said since that Amber Alert, Children Services has had custody of the child, and did place him back in Johnson’s home. She said there are rules caregivers must follow.

Johnson said Jennifer Hemchak had some legal issues shortly after giving birth to the boy, who will turn 5 in October. Johnson said she was asked to go to Florida and get the boy while Hemchak dealt with the issues. She said D’Quai has lived with her ever since.

“I have to go to court on Tuesday and I am told she may get custody that day,” Johnson said. “He is my life. I don’t know what to do.”

Sandusky police said Hemchak told them she has straightened her life out, has a full time job and a home.

Police said Hemchak’s felony kidnapping charge may be reduced to a misdemeanor count.

Johnson and her friend, Dana Milton, said they don’t think it would be fair to take the boy from the only family he has known.

Hemchak’s attorney did not return a call to discuss the case.

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