Video shows suspect in mask point gun at Goodwill employee during robbery

TALLMADGE, Ohio -- Police in Tallmadge are looking for suspects who are accused of robbing a Goodwill store in the Midway Plaza.

Surveillance video shows two suspects in masks enter the store on June 1 at around 9:30 p.m., about a half hour after closing.

Video then shows one of the suspects point a gun at an employee. Police say the suspect demands money; once money is handed over to him, he and the other suspect take off. No one was injured.

A police K-9 searched the area but no suspects were found. Police say one of the suspects was described as a black male and about 5'6."

Goodwill says it is continuing to review how the suspects got into the store as all doors are required to be locked during closing.

As a result of what happened and an ongoing review of its safety procedures, Goodwill says it has retained the services of an armed security company for the Midway store.