Lorain police file grievance over messy birds at building entrance

LORAIN, Ohio - A bird's nest is causing quite a storm in Lorain.

A swarm of nesting cliff swallow birds has taken up residence in city hall, and are giving officers a big problem.

The birds first showed up last month, nesting near the entrance to the building. Since then, the birds have been...well... doing what birds do, and not cleaning up after themselves.  The building, police vehicles and even officers themselves have been "dropped" on.

The Fraternal Order of Police in Lorain is so annoyed by the birds' antics that they have filed a grievance with the city. They contend that the city is failing to "correct and prevent" unsanitary conditions brought on by the birds, despite repeated requests to deal with the problem.

People who work in the building say they have learned to make a run for it when entering or exiting the building.

"If I happen to see them, I might...run to the car. I'm always on a mission when I come to work. I know they're here. I guess I've learned to live with it," says Patty D'Orazio.

The FOP would like to see a canopy installed above the employee entrance.

Lorain's safety service director says that the building was built in the 70's and that the local habitat hasn't changed since then, so they aren't sure why the birds have suddenly taken up residence there.