5 dogs die at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter from respiratory illness

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio-- The Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter will be temporarily closed because of an illness affecting dogs.

The shelter, located on Sweet Valley Drive in Valley View, is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Five young stray dogs brought to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter over the last few weeks have died from an respiratory illness.

The origin was identified. The staff is testing animals and working with veterinarians to determine the nature of the illness, the shelter said in a news release on Tuesday.

“At this moment, we are making every effort to ensure our dogs stay healthy and safe,” said Minday Naticchioni, shelter administrator. “We will utilize this time to continue completing as thorough of a cleaning as possible to safeguard against any potential illness going forward. We hope to learn more about the reason for the tragic loss of these young dogs through our medical investigation efforts.”

Anyone looking for a lost dog is still encouraged to go to the shelter during normal business hours.