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It’s National Cheese Day! And America’s favorite kind is…

It’s National Cheese Day!

And to celebrate, we’re taking a look at America’s favorite — and least favorite — cheeses.

Innit, a personalized meal plan/shopping list app, asked 1,000 people in the United States to share their cheese-eating habits. 

It determined that 23 percent of Americans always add extra cheese to their food, and 17 percent would eat cheese at every meal.

But what kind of cheese?

The stinkier, the less popular it seems. And America’s favorite cheese isn’t American cheese.

America’s least favorite cheeses are as follows:

1.) Blue (25 percent)
2.) Limburger (17 percent)
3.) Goat (16 percent)
4.) American (13 percent)
5.) Swiss (8 percent)

America’s favorite cheeses are as follows:
1.) Cheddar (17 percent)
2.) Mozzarella (15 percent)
3.) American (14 percent)
4.) Pepper Jack (11 percent)
5.) Provolone (8 percent)

Of those selections, which is your favorite type of cheese? Least favorite?