Ashland serial killer Shawn Grate sentenced to death

ASHLAND, Ohio — A man convicted of strangling two women and suspected in two more deaths has been sentenced to death.

An Ashland County judge announced Friday that 41-year-old Shawn Grate will face execution for killing 43-year-old Stacey Stanley and 29-year-old Elizabeth Griffith in 2016. He ordered that the execution take place Sept. 13, the two-year anniversary of when Grate was discovered.

Their bodies were found in an Ashland home after a third woman called 911 and said she was being held captive. Jurors convicted Grate on aggravated murder and kidnapping charges.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors weren't allowed to comment on the jury's sentencing recommendation because of a gag order.

The Richland County prosecutor has said he will pursue charges against Grate in the slayings of two more women.

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