Reports: Thousands evacuated due to NC dam in ‘imminent danger’ of failing

MCDOWELL COUNTY, North Carolina — Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate in western North Carolina due to a dam that is in “imminent danger” of failing, NBC reported.

The National Weather Service said a landslide “has compromised [sic] the integrity of Lake Tahoma Dam.” They said mandatory evacuations were underway. They urged everyone in the evacuation zone to “act now to preserve your life!”

A flash flood emergency was declared due to water spilling around the sides of the Lake Tahoma dam.

An evacuee, Zach Lowder, tweeted a picture of his campground submerged in water.

McDowell County Emergency Services director William Kehler told NBC News the evacuations would continue until the dam was examined further. He said “several thousand” people lived in the mandatory evacuation zone.

A South Carolina reporter and photojournalist died Monday while covering the weather in North Carolina. A tree became uprooted from the rain-soaked ground and toppled onto their SUV.