People shocked, disgusted to see neo-Nazi posters showing up at Lakewood bus stops

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio --  Troubling posters have popped up in Lakewood recently.

People getting off the bus along Clifton Boulevard were shocked to learn that their bus stop was plastered with white supremacists posters Monday.

“It seems like a really good community and it seems like everyone comes together. I didn’t expect to see anything like that,” said Thomas Hardy, resident.

According to Lakewood Councilman Tristan Rader, several posters from a neo-Nazi organization popped up at multiple bus stops along Clifton.

“Basically things like make America white again, things like that, things that are overtly racist,” said Rader.

The Greater Cleveland RTA was notified and said they would take them down as soon as possible.

However, residents didn’t want to wait.

“One of them reached out to RTA who said they could take them down. Me and several others went out there pretty quickly and took down all the posters,” said Rader.

“I think it’s crazy. You would think we have come so far. You wouldn’t think people would dislike each other for things like that. It’s sad that it still goes on in this world,” said Hardy.

Meantime, Rader is asking residents to be on the lookout.

If they see any, immediately report the signs to police and then rip them down.

“I think it is hate speech, and we have to stand up and say it’s not welcome in our community. We are trying really hard to make it diverse and welcoming of all people,” said Rader.

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