On the heels of national accreditation, Metroparks Rangers are ready for summer

CLEVELAND -- It's made up of several divisions, overseeing more than 23,000 acres across the Cleveland Metroparks System.

We're talking about the Metroparks Ranger Department, who were nationally recognized in January for its safety standards.

After record-setting visitation in 2017, they're gearing up for the 2018 summer season, with their national campaign, "If you see something, say something," encouraging visitors to report suspicious activity to keep the parks safe.

In fact the Metroparks Communication Center takes over 50,000 calls yearly, dispatching 10,000 of them through the entire park district.

If you visit the waterfont this summer, there's no shortage of rangers -- or patrol -- to help you if you need it. Comprised of several different divisions, rangers are everywhere on land or water.

The divisions include the bike patrol, mounted unit, K-9 unit, marine patrol unit, all-terrain vehicles, as well as plain-clothed detectives.

All of the rangers are state-certified law enforcement officers who exercise full police powers.  They're on duty 24 hours a day, year round.

**Watch above for an inside look at how this important law enforcement agency is getting prepared for summer**

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