‘I don’t care if I hurt you’: Video shows bus driver allegedly assault student with special needs

EMMETT, Idaho — Police are investigating after a former bus driver was accused of assaulting a special needs student in Gem County, Idaho.

KBOI reports that surveillance video shows the teacher try to forcibly remove the 9-year-ol student from the bus.

She’s heard saying: “I don’t care if I hurt you.”

The incident reportedly happened on April 12 in the parking lot of a school.

The boy’s mother, Jennifer Harvey, said he has a sensory perception order. She said the incident happened after he got onto the school bus to go home for the day.

She says the video shows her son get onto the bus and walk to his seat.

“The second he sat down in that seat, she immediately was screaming that he had to move up front,” she said.

The video then shows the bus driver remove the boy, dropping him to the floor in the process.

“You can hear him scream that he’s getting hurt,” said Harvey.

KBOI reports that the bus driver had been with the district since 1998. She resigned after the incident.

In a response to the video, the district’s Supt. Wayne Rush said, in part, that he didn’t agree with releasing the video because the boy couldn’t provide his own consent.

Police said they did forward the case to the county prosecutor to decide whether to press charges.

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