Cleveland sees high risk of lawn fungus

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CLEVELAND-- It is one of the many sights and sounds of summer. But no matter the size, a new study said all landscapes in Cleveland could be in danger.

"I love doing yard work. I grew up in Akron where we had a much bigger lawn than here in Tremont," homeowner Philippe Benard said.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals ranks Cleveland as the third worst U.S. city for weeds and lawn disease this season because of the rapid change in climate.

"We've had a pretty warm second half of May and we're about an inch and a half over rainfall wise, so when you get warm humid weather that tends to lead to some lawn diseases," said AJ Petitti with Petitti Garden Centers.

Those fungal diseases popping up in our area include dollar spot or red thread.

Petitti said the risk of fungus rises as the summer season approaches.

"So dollar spot are just little brown spots, patches that you'll see through the lawn. And then red thread, you'll actually see pink strands kind of woven through the base of your lawn,” Petitti said.

Preventative measures like aerating, leaving lawn clippings on the grass for nutrients and keeping the height of lawns at 3 and a half inches in height can help.

"This is DiseaseX and you want to use any kind of fungicide for your lawn. They work very well as a preventative," Petitti said.

Benard says other than weeds, he hasn’t seen any trouble spots on his lawn.

"It's really sad to hear, but we just have to work on fighting against it and keeping our lawns up, and that'll hopefully keep it away."

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