Memorial Day 2018: services held throughout northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - As "Taps" played at historic Lake View Cemetery, people stop to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day - to honor the fallen.

"Our patriotic celebration (remembers) those that have fought in foreign wars, and are still fighting today," says Kathy Goss, President & CEO of Lake View Cemetery.

The Memorial Day tradition dates back more than a century in many northeast Ohio communities.

At Lake View, this is the 128th consecutive year for this service.

In Parma Heights, they've been holding a Memorial Day remembrance for 151 years.

On this day, the parade marched to the local cemetery for a memorial.

And, in North Royalton, all of the fallen were honored near the memorial to Cpl. Jeffrey Boskovitch, who was killed in the Iraq war.

Lake View is one of Cleveland's most famous cemeteries - and it was literally born out of a war.

"The cemetery was organized in 1869, which was just after the Civil War ended," says Kathy Goss. "And it was a time of a lot of mourning, and frankly, the graveyards in the city were getting overcrowded."

The garden concept of the cemetery was for it to be a place of healing as well for the living. It is the final resting place of many famous people - President James A. Garfield and oil baron John D. Rockefeller, among many others.

But Goss says it's important to remember that today's service honors people not for their fame in life, but their sacrifice in death for the nation.

And, she adds, "You don't have to be the President of the United States or John D. Rockefeller to be buried here."

You may just be a hero whose name was only known the family and friends.

One of the thousands of men and women that all of us honor on Memorial Day.