I TEAM: 68-year-old woman takes on city hall with her lawnmower

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CLEVELAND - A 68-year-old woman got so fed up waiting for a city crew to cut the grass at a local park, she started mowing it herself. And that led to a FOX 8 I TEAM investigation.

We found Therese Pohorence cutting some of the high grass outside Cudell Rec Center. Last week, the I TEAM found high grass at Impett Park. And Thursday, we found a lot of overgrown grass and weeds at Clark Fields.

Therese said, "I've had enough. It looked ugly. And hopefully, I'll embarrass the city of Cleveland. Somebody's gotta start taking care of the parks.”

Last Week, Drone FOX recorded high grass as the I TEAM investigated safety hazards at Impett Park on the west side.

And Thursday morning, the area including Clark Fields looked as if no one had cut anything in quite some time. That area has been targeted for renovations and improvements. But visitors still go there and expect better. A man and woman stopped by on their lunch break, and they both called what they found, “Sad.”

The I TEAM contacted the Mayor’s office to talk to someone on camera. But hours after we requested that, two spokespeople told us no one was available.

The City did issue a statement saying, “I can confirm that the recreation centers and parks are on a every other week cut schedule. Due to rain we are a couple days behind but we have a schedule to do every park and recreation center every other week. Because of rain and ground being wet and muddy, grass cutting is delayed until the ground is dry enough not to destroy the grass and cause more long term problems.”

But some of the conditions we saw appeared to be more than “a couple days behind” being cut.

Meantime, consider, if you`re a private property owner: you can`t let your place get overgrown with grass up to your waist and more. No way. You could end up getting fined. And, if the city finally cuts your grass, you get a bill for that.

We did find a city crew sprucing up Lincoln Park in Tremont.

Back at Cudell, the city says, some citizens asked to plant a butterfly garden. And there’s an agreement, those planting the garden will maintain it. But Therese Pohorence is also involved in the gardening. She says it’s up to the city to cut the grass.

She added, "If you take a look, you couldn't even see the gardens for the tall grass and weeds."

Others also have the same complaints about city parks. City Councilman Mike Polensek says his office has taken in many calls from residents upset about high grass in parks and on City property along roadways.

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