Cleveland students accused of attacking bus driver, teacher on way back from Cedar Point trip

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CLEVELAND-- What should have been a fun day at Cedar Point turned criminal for several Cleveland students after police reports say they threatened to shoot a teacher and bus driver.

It's just the start of a long Cleveland Metropolitan School District Police report. It describes a Tuesday bus ride around 8 p.m. which states several students used racial and homophobic slurs, threw water bottles and Nutri-Grain bars at the heads of adults, in addition to attempting to open the back door emergency exit of the moving bus.

Although the incident happened in Vermilion it was not until Sheffield Village where the bus exited I-90 and several police departments responded.

"You can have a horrible accident and the other kids on the bus could have been hurt," said Sheffield Village Police Chief Larry Bliss. "Innocent people could have been hurt."

According to the report, the boys also terrorized two girls in a similar manner who were moved to the front of the bus.

The bus driver stated she had to pull over numerous times, even enlisting the help of a teacher from another bus to assist in blocking the exit, to prevent students from opening the door.

In a statement, a Cleveland Metropolitan School District spokesperson said:

"CMSD has zero tolerance for fighting or for disruption of any school activities, and students face serious consequences when their actions pose a danger to themselves and others. We are disappointed that such a fun day ended with three students being referred for discipline, and are proud of our students on both buses that exhibited the positive behaviors we expect of our students."

One student was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time. A district spokesperson says the individual was approved to attend all school-related functions, including the trip, along with nearly 60 other students from Newton Baker.

Charges for the students involved range from assault, inducing panic, assault on a teacher and criminal activity on school property.

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