Strongsville elementary school aims for record-breaking LeBron James portraits

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio- While the Cleveland Cavilers look to dominate on the road, one elementary school is hoping to inspire a win by revealing what they believe to be a world record.

"We're the first school, we think, in the world to do this many portraits of LeBron James, over 500," said Terri Harbart, the art director at Muraski Elementary School.

The impressive portraits of James fill just shy of an entire gym wall and were revealed to the entire school as students screamed, "Lets go Cavs!"

"I love LeBron so much and my favorite number is 23," said 8-year-old Eddie McNea.

The portraits are no small accomplishment by students who spent weeks learning about the art of portraits and shading.

"My favorite thing about art is you get to be really creative and you get to make a bunch of things like portraits and you get to draw a bunch people," said second-grade student Gabriella Belt.

While Guinness World Records has not yet contacted Harbart, she is encouraged the hard work of students will be recognized.

"In one word, when you step into the gym, it is awesome," said Harbart. "It is an experience, not only to see the number of them, but to see the variety of talent and how we each as individuals see things differently as well."

The wall of portraits is an example of how James is touching the lives of fans big and small, and just maybe helping to create a world record that will last for years to come.