I-Team: Second gun mystery at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

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CLEVELAND- The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a second mystery surrounding a missing gun and Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Weeks ago, we revealed a local police officer checked a gun into his baggage, flew from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and then he reported the gun had disappeared from his luggage.

And now we’ve learned, this month, another man reported he checked a gun into his luggage in Florida, but he says, in Cleveland, he found his gun was missing from his baggage.

Sherard Horne, the victim in the latest case, wonders how someone got into his bag and at which airport? He told the I-Team by phone, "This gun is attached to my name and it’s out there on the streets. I would think the airport would have a tighter process.”

The I-Team investigated reports of belongings lost or stolen at Hopkins Airport. The city sent us 16 reports since the start of last year including the most recent gun case.

Other reports involve wallets, phones, even a laptop stolen. This month, one passenger reported a suitcase stolen. Last year, we saw another report of a suitcase stolen, and someone else reported valuables stolen from a bag.

Given the number of people passing through Hopkins every year, certainly not a lot of reports. Then again, all airports are expected to have top-level security. So anytime a gun disappears, it causes alarm.

Horne added, "I just wanted to see if somebody rummaged through my bag while it was on the carousel. Or, are we dealing with somebody from the airport?"

We checked with Cleveland police to see what’s happening with the investigation in Horne’s case. We have not heard back.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is handling the other gun case. We’re told it “is still ongoing at this time.”

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