Four charged after windows shot out of 35 vehicles in Alliance

ALLIANCE—Police are charging four people, including one juvenile, after at least 35 vehicles had windows shot out over the weekend.

The crimes in Alliance caused thousands of dollars in damage and happened throughout the city.

Hope Crow lives on Alden Street and told FOX 8 she realized there was a problem with her pick-up truck early Saturday morning. The Alliance resident explained she can`t afford to get the glass replaced.

“It`s just the idea of someone not, you know, realizing that it`s somebody else`s property that they`re damaging,” Crow said.

Alliance authorities said residents were not the only victims. Businesses in town had damage as well. Also, a resident on South Freedom Street had a front window of her home shot, but police are investigating if that incident is related to the damaged vehicle windows.

“Nothing surprises you anymore in this world I tell you,” Crow said.

BB guns and pellet guns were used in the crimes. Police said Zain Dick, Corbin Whitaker and Sequoyah Blazer, all of Alliance, are facing consequences for the alleged crimes. A juvenile was also involved.

“Sounds about right, you know, the criminal mischief. I don`t know if they`re doing it just break the windows or if they`re looking for something,” said Charlie Davis, an Alliance resident of more than 20 years.

Neighbors like Davis chalk the weekend’s crime up to unnecessary destruction and the product of better weather outside.

As of Sunday night, the suspects have been charged with several misdemeanors, including criminal damaging.