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Rocky River students invent life-saving app that can track an active shooter

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- “We were programming stuff in school this morning and all of a sudden, someone got a notification on their phone that said school shooting in Texas,” said Rocky River senior Hady Salama.

That is the reason Salama and two of his friends created an app to help keep their fellow classmates safe.

“It is an app that allows users to mark where an active shooter was last seen,” said Senior Austin Wilson.

Wilson helped develop the “Eyealert” as part of a software contest two years ago.

After some building and testing, the app went live this year.

So, how does it work?

All students and staff at the high school have the app and it tracks their location in the school.

“You press the active shooter in the case of an active shooter, and then you press what floor you are on. It will ping the map and it will pop up like Google maps and have your name on it and say you saw an active shooter at your location,” said Salama.

Principal Rob Winton says they’ve tested it out at the school a few times already.

“Our biggest weakness when we do active shooter drills is communication. Someone could be in the science center or be in the gym. If an incident would take part in one of those areas, the other part of the building wouldn’t be aware,” said Winton.

“The most successful test we had, we had over half the school out before they even made the announcement,” said Wilson.

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