Self defense parties: Inside the growing trend where women are learning to fight back

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio -- From protecting food to saving lives, home parties used to be about demonstrating and buying products like Tupperware, but now they’re teaching women hand-to-hand combat and self defense.

“Knowledge is everything,” said Marsha Lesko. “I don’t want anyone to be afraid.”

Lesko is an experienced and certified self-defense and weapons trainer and owner of Iron Eagle Training, who invited us to a recent party at a home in North Royalton.

There are companies popping up across the country that promote selling self-defense products at home parties, but Lesko’s gatherings are very different.

She is singularly focused on teaching people specific moves that could save their lives.

“It helps build confidence,” said Lesko. “I walk away from each class thinking, 'wow, I’ve empowered someone.'"

**Watch Suzanne's report in the video, above; see additional safety tips in the second video in this story**