Witnesses talk about Cleveland house explosion that injured woman

CLEVELAND - One day after an explosion leveled a home and sent a woman to the hospital with critical injuries, few answers have been given surrounding the cause of the devastating incident.

According to a Cleveland police report, Latoya Gates was inside the home when it exploded. Gates' mother briefly spoke off-camera to FOX 8 late Tuesday at the scene.  She said her daughter is currently out of surgery and recovering from burns at a local hospital.

Neighbors who witnessed the explosion and recorded the aftermath say it's incredible she survived.

"She was truly blessed. A lot could have gone wrong there," said Earl Cropper, witness. "She could have not made it. She needs to thank God right now."

The homeowner was not there at the time of the explosion with her five young children. She says she and the victim know one another.

The explosion was so loud, neighbors say it broke the windows to several nearby homes.

"I hear boom, da da da da. I know there's only two floors to this level's [home] but it was so loud, it sounded like it was this house," said Latasha Cropper. "I was so dazed when I ran out. I ran that way; I didn't even realize the house was flat right there."

An exact cause of the explosion is still being determined. A GoFundMe has been created as the family lost their entire home.

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