‘We are coming for you’: Cleveland police chief’s strong message for suspects who shot at officers

CLEVELAND – Cleveland’s police chief is speaking out exclusively to the FOX 8 I-Team, strong words about gunshots fired at city officers.

“You can’t run, and you can’t hide,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said Tuesday. “Our officers are going to track you down, no matter what.”

On April 14, suspects fired several shots at four Cleveland police officers and several citizens. This happened on Decker.

Detectives in the city’s Third District spent hours working the case and trying to find the suspects.

Over the weekend, they arrested DeVaughn Taylor. Detective Aaron Reese also filed a warrant for Leslie Robinson.

Police are continuing to investigate and additional arrests could be made.

The chief is in Washington D.C. for Police Memorial Week but says he has been monitoring the case.

“I have to commend the guys in the Third District; they didn’t stop,” Williams said. “If you try to harm one of our officers or citizens, we are going to catch you.”

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