Tuscarawas County men charged in animal cruelty case

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio — A video posted to Facebook Live and sent to New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin helped investigators track down a couple of guys accused of abusing animals.

In a post on the New Philadelphia Police Facebook page, Goodwin said the video showed two men videotaping several baby opossums.

Goodwin said the video showed the men “torturing one of the animals by using a butane torch.”

Justin Brill, left, and Brent Vickers, Jr., right (Photo Credit: Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office)

According to Goodwin, investigators were able to identify the men as Justin Brill, 18, and Brent Vickers, Jr., 21.  According to police, they admitted to what they had done.

Brill was charged with cruelty to animals. He was arraigned in New Philadelphia Municipal Court on Friday. He is being held on $125,000 bond.

Vickers was charged with complicity. He is expected in court on Thursday, May 17th.

“I do not know if the animal survived this act,” Goodwin wrote in the Facebook post. “These kind of actions can not go unanswered.”