Southwest Airlines kicks off 96-hour sale with deals as low as $49.. including from Cleveland

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines kicked off a 96-hour sale Tuesday that includes deals from as low as $49 for a one-way flight.

The sale is for domestic flights and has restrictions on seats, travel days and markets. Travel in the U.S. is valid from June 5 through Oct. 31.

Flights on the airline’s shortest routes are just $49, going up to $79, $99 or $149 for longer distances.

For $49, for example, one can fly from Sacramento to Burbank, New Orleans to Atlanta, Los Angeles to Reno, Charlotte to Nashville, Pittsburgh to Chicago or Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, to name a few.

One-way flights from Cleveland are listed, too, to places like Las Vegas for $149 and to Baltimore/Washington, MD for $49.

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The sale ends May 18, and tickets are nonrefundable. See all the deals and restrictions here.