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Man arrested after allegedly shooting neighbor’s dog

ELYRIA, Ohio — An Elyria man was arrested after being accused of shooting his neighbor’s dog.

It happened on Neufer Court at around 7 p.m. on May 13.

Donte Love, 41, faces charges including injuring an animal, having weapons under disability, receiving stolen property and discharging firearms.

According to police, Love was in the living room of a relative’s 115 Neufer Court home at the time. His relative’s 10 children were in the front yard playing. The relative’s children began to scream, and once outside, they saw a brown pit bull chasing after and lunging toward the children.

The relative then began running toward the 109 Neufer Court home of the pit bull’s owner. Once in the front yard, the relative heard a gunshot and saw Love holding a handgun.

Love told police he shot the dog.

Police later found the firearm used was stolen.

The dog’s owner says the dog was in his fenced-in backyard, and he’s not sure how it got loose.

It’s not clear if the dog died from its injuries.