Avon police roll out new way to drive out crime

AVON, Ohio-- The Avon Police Department traded in some old cruisers and got new wheels: bicycles.

“Essentially a police bicycle is a safety service vehicle that can do everything a cruiser can do with exception of transporting a suspect,” said Sgt. Leroy Medina, who is on the bike unit.

Avon Police Chief Richard Bosley said he decided to start the bike unit because he believes it’s a good community relations tool.

“The officers can interact better with everyone, especially kids,” Bosley said. He said the bike patrol unit will be at parades and festivals this spring and summer.

And Office David Layne noted bicycles can be used to go into wooded areas when officers are searching for someone.

The chief added that the goal of the bike unit and the department’s new communityservice officer, Nick Rennette, is to help create a stronger bond between police and the citizens.