‘There’s someone in my house!’ Video shows neighbor come to family’s rescue, wrestle intruder to the ground

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PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The quiet was shattered early Thursday morning for Lorrie White and her two little kids in Painesville Township.

“Me and the kids were sleeping. It was right after midnight,” said White.

White says her dogs started barking so she got up, thinking her husband was home from work early.

“I saw a fist come through my window. And then it started unlocking the door. And then he came through the door and started screaming that someone was trying to kill him,” said White.

White’s surveillance cameras were rolling as the man forced his way into the home and then chased her into her bedroom.

“He laid on the floor at the end of the bed. I ran to the kids' bedrooms and I grabbed them and we ran out the front door across the street,” said White.

White pounded on her neighbor’s door for help.

He let them in while she called 911.

That’s when surveillance cameras show the suspect come charging across the street.

“My neighbor, Tom, came out and actually wrestled him to the ground. He held him there until police got here,” said White.

“I was just in rage. I just couldn’t get here fast enough,” said Justin White, husband.

By the time Justin arrived, the suspect was in custody.

“It was the longest 7 minutes of my life. I just thought I would come here and I would see something bad,” said White.

Lorrie and her children are safe and sound thanks to the bravery of their neighbor who protected them in an emergency.

The suspect was taken to the Lake County Jail and charged with aggravated burglary, burglary, assault, criminal damaging and aggravated trespass.

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