Caught on camera: Police video shows what officers faced during a routine traffic stop

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS – The Fox 8 I-Team has uncovered police video showing why officers don’t believe everything they are told during a traffic stop.

Newburgh Heights officers stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation around 1 a.m. April 28. The driver told police he was on the way to visit his mother, and just purchased the car. He did not have a valid driver’s license.

The passenger started videotaping the officers.

“I gotta record when the police. I ain’t trying to get shot,” the passenger can he heard saying on the video. “I gotta record. I am not from here. I am from Canton. I hear they shoot people in Cleveland.”

The officers felt something seemed suspicious and asked if there was anything illegal in the car. When the driver said no. The officers asked to search but the driver did not consent.

Police then ordered both men out of the car and said they were going to tow the vehicle, because the driver did not have a valid license. Officers started going through the vehicle to do an inventory.

“We got a gun right here,” the one officer said.

Officers found two guns, drugs, and more than a thousand dollars in cash.

Both men, Richard Hinton, of Bedford Heights, and Jaran Jenkins, of Canton, were arrested and indicted on several charges. They are due back in court next week.

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