Free cucumbers! Local company giving away 40K pounds of cucumbers after mishap

NORTH LAWRENCE, Ohio -- Holy cucumbers!

A freight trucking company in North Lawrence is giving away 40,000 pounds of free cucumbers after a shipping mishap.

Gary Deaton, the owner of Freightway Transportation Services LLC partnered with Celadon Trucking Services, said one of their truck drivers was transporting the load of cucumbers when some of them spilled out of the boxes. The receiver refused the load due to the incident.

Deaton said he reached out to area food banks, which don't have the manpower to accept such a large load.

In an email, Deaton said:

"So, we are offering the 40,000 pounds of cucumbers to the public. Anyone in need, please come fill up your trucks. This would help our driver be able to clear his trailer and move on as he is losing money every day. This would also be great help for the community for anyone who needs food."

Deaton said Wednesday they've been handing the cucumbers out all day, but "they are not going fast enough."

The cucumbers were available through 8 p.m. Wednesday at 2275 Manchester Road, N.W., North Lawrence.

About 5,000 pounds remained as of Wednesday evening. People are asked to check the company's Facebook page Thursday morning.

The company that was to receive the shipment, but rejected it, collected the insurance money.

A shipment like that can cost a company around $100,000.

Gary Deaton, owner of Freightway Transportation Services LLC said special thanks goes to Celadon Trucking, and Faulkner Farms.

They all gave a lot including waiving certain fees and all coming together so cucumbers could be donated and not go to waste.