Man arrested after stealing ambulance, going on joy ride in Akron

AKRON, Ohio -- Akron police have arrested a man accused of stealing an ambulance and taking it on an early morning joy ride.

Police said the ambulance was stolen from St. Thomas Hospital in Akron around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.  Employees of Physicians and Surgeons (AMR), told police they were at the hospital dropping off a patient,  when the suspect, 32- year-old Durelle Johnson, jumped inside the ambulance and took off. Johnson allegedly drove around in the ambulance for about an hour with the lights and sirens on.

The joy ride came to an end when the suspect hit a power pole and crashed in the woods off Merriman Rd. The crash knocked out power to the area.

Johnson was located a short time later in a parking deck near the University of Akron. Police said during his arrest, they discovered a backpack filled with medical supplies and identification from the driver of the stolen ambulance.

Johnson was charged with receiving stolen property. Additional charges are expected.