‘Needed to experience this’: Couple has up-close encounter with moose, gives her a meaningful name

MERRIMACK, New Hampshire — A couple in New Hampshire woke up to a wild surprise Tuesday morning.

A moose wandered into their yard, and right up to their window.

Nichole DiVietro and her husband, Erik,  caught the animal’s visit on video and posted it to YouTube. The couple’s excitement can be heard in the video, as they talk softly and admire the animal.

They named the animal Mooshy in honor of Nichole’s sister, Mishy, who recently passed away from cancer, WMUR reports. 

Nichole wrote in a post on Facebook that:Erik, my husband, said I needed to experience this to be encouraged… and I said, “Maybe Mishy asked God to send it to cheer me up.” So my husband named the moose Mooshy.”

You can watch the entire video at the top of this page.