Sports columnist: ‘Everyone should be watching’ LeBron James

If you have children, you know they’d rather watch YouTube or cartoons than anything else.

But Jason Gay is encouraging his children, who are just 5 and 3-years-old, to stay up and watch LeBron James.

With some of the games starting as late as 8:30 p.m., that can make for a late bedtime for kids that young.

Gay is a sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

In a recent column, he makes the argument for allowing his kids to stay up late:

“I should say no, because they really need to go to bed. But I say yes, because LeBron James is playing basketball — and I want my children to have watched LeBron James play basketball, when he was still in his prime.”

“I know it sounds corny, but I think this is important. It’s pretty obvious by now that James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. When he finally wraps his career, he may have a case alongside Michael Jordan as the greatest ever, and I want my children, when they’re 35 or 62—or 147, living on Mars with their own great-great-great-grandkids, and Elon Musk and Tom Brady —to be able to say: Yeah, I saw LeBron James play.”

Gay admits his children are not watching the entire Cavs game. He said they usually last about 15 minutes and the longest either has made it  is until halftime.

“I’ll keep on letting them watch, because LeBron seldom fails to deliver. Even this season, when he’s playing with a roster the Cavaliers found on eBay. Cleveland will have a hard time marching to the Finals this year. They barely squeaked past Indiana in the first round. James looks like someone who’s been asked to carry a piano up a staircase. And yet, he’s doing it, somehow.”

“This is what matters in sports. I really believe that. We spend a lot of time today arguing with each other about controversies and contracts and inane topics like bat flips or Bill Belichick’s cutoff sleeves, but the whole reason we get addicted to sports is the off chance of seeing the type of greatness like LeBron James is offering pretty much every other night. He’s 33 now, in his 15th season, and he’s still the best. It’s amazing, close to magical, and I think everyone should be watching.”

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