93-year-old Cavs fan surprised with tickets to her first playoff game

INDEPENDENCE - If good things come to those who wait, then 93-year-old Nancy Bontempo is due for a treat.

"I sure hope they win tonight," said Bontempo wearing her favorite #23 jersey. "Do you think they have a good chance?"

In the game of chance one thing is certain, Bontempo is a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers fan hoping to witness the Cavs sweep the Toronto Raptors in game 4 of the NBA's Eastern Conference Semifinals. It's a big night in more ways than one.

"I've never went to a playoff game," said Bontempo. "So this is going to be an exciting one and we better win!"

Normally watching from the comfort of her chair, Bontempo says what impresses her about LeBron is his character on and off the court.

"I'd like them to become the big champions, but this would be fine. He's got enough awards and he's gracious about it and he does a lot for people. I think it's wonderful."

Thanks to a longtime friend, Barb Carpenter, who surprised her with tickets, she gets to see her favorite player in person.

"I told her she needs to take a nap today because if they sweep we are going out on the town downtown," said Carpenter. "We're going to have a couple of drinks if they win."