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Do you know these guys? Surveillance video shows armed corner-store robbers

CLEVELAND – A family on the near-West Side of Cleveland is in shock after their long-owned corner store was robbed at gunpoint Friday.

Freddy’s Family Food Mart sits on West 38th Street and is the neighborhood hang-out spot. Kids play outside, people leave their cars running out front as they run in for a quick purchase and the owners know most customers by name.

“There’s a lot of family that hangs around in the store, watch the game, the Cavs game and stuff like that,” said a man who frequents the store.

“I was surprised that that even happened cause this is all family over here you know close-knit Latino community,” he said.

Video from several surveillance cameras shows two men, dancing and joking as they walk up to the store. A few seconds before they turn the corner to go into the shop, one man pulls out a gun.

“They pointed a gun at my wife and they grabbed a customer at gun point like a guard and they said we’re not playing and give us your money,” said the store’s owner who didn’t want to share his name or go on camera.

“We were scared, we were shocked. I mean you know it’s not an easy scene to see a gun pointed at your head and another guy jumping over [the counter],” the owner said.

The family hopes that someone sees the video and recognizes the two men, whose faces are clearly visible.

“I hope they turn them in we really appreciate it, because we don’t want to see someone else getting hurt or robbed,” the owner said.

Customers and the family say the store is a safe spot in the neighborhood and people who live nearby lookout for each other. The owner’s nephew told FOX8 the family gave the surveillance video to Cleveland Police to help with the investigation.