‘They brighten your day up’: Streetsboro High School selects prom king and queen with special needs

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STREETSBORO, Ohio-- For many high school students, their senior prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event, where lasting memories are made.

Students at Streetsboro High School said they never had a doubt who they would choose for prom king and prom queen.

Seniors Cheyenne Manion and Johnny Docherty are two special needs students, whose classmates believe are just special.

"Even when you are having a bad day, just not feeling, it that day, you will see them and like you see they light up a room. So it's cool to see them and see how they smile and talk and they do, they brighten your day up," said Dominic Carone, a senior classmate..

"They are just so sweet and kind to everyone. They are always happy," Haley Roble said.

"I didn't know, I was prom queen. I didn't know about it, then a lot of people called me and Johnny," Cheyenne said.

Her grandparents said they were also touched when she broke the news to them.

"She was excited, you know," said her grandfather, Robert Hubstenberger. "She has no limitations at all. If she feels like she can do something, she will do it. Her handicap doesn't stop her in any way, shape or form."

"Last year, we had a student from Johnny and Cheyenne's class who was named prom queen. I don't think it was anybody's idea, it was just something organic that came from the student body. I think this year's senior class saw that and they were inspired by it," said principal James Hogue.

Johnny's counselor said they already have dance parties on Fridays in his class so he knows prom king will suit him well. And those classmates who chose them agree.

"They are going to be dancing all night," Roble said.

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